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 After watching Jessica Jones I'm kind of glad I stepped away from fandom when I did. Obviously I'm writing about it here, but I've severally limited my fandom presence and I think that's over all a good thing. 

Jessica Jones is all about women and characters of color, in a way that is both unapologetic and also in your face. These are real people with real flaws, who struggle in real ways against real odds. 

White man appear in this story as villains or bit players and that's pretty much it. They have no power outside of being the villains, their actions don't matter again outside of them being the villains of the story. There is no apology made for this, it isn't softened. Let's be real both Killgrave and Sampson are not just villains they are villains who manipulate and eventually threaten the lives of the women and people of color around them.    

I know already that this is going to be hard for fandom. There is a high possibility that Jessica Jones is going to make fans face a lot of stuff about how they think about gender and race. That's possibly going to get pretty ugly. Already I've seen people are saying stuff about Jessica Jones they would never have said about Daredevil. Jessica Jones is a race and gender fail waiting to happen within fandom and people will probably learn from that, but I' don't want to be around when it happens. 


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