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 Disclaimer: this will be swearing and spoilers. This is not a coherent review but my reactions as they happen. 

  • The scenes with Kilgrave in the tank are tense. This is definitely my favorite part of the series, when they ramp up the tension everyone knowing Kilgrave is going to do something but not sure what or when.
  •  Oh God Jeri no
  • The entire part with and about Kilgraves' parents is deeply repugnant in every possible way. 
  • Oh Jesus Christ Jeri, Pam, Wendy ...
  • And Simpson turns the corner from annoying into full on villain territory, which means every single reoccurring white dude in this entire show are now villains. Good. 
  • Kilgrave and Jessica have it out again. He like any other abuser twists the reality and she calls him on it. 
  • Hope at least has agency at the end, gets to choose where and how she dies. It doesn't make it right or better, but I'm still glad. 
  • Simpson is a complete stalker and then goes off the deep end. Because obviously only he as the white dude can be the hero. Trish beats the ever loving shit out of him, because she's awesome and willing to give up her life to save Jessica's. 
  • Trish is a superhero in the comics right? Is this her origin story? 
  • No, Luke's bar, noooo. There goes another good locally owned business. 
  • Luke is resisting Kilgrave something fierce probably with practice he could break free of Kilgrave's control. 
  • God Malcolm, you are such a good person, I am so sorry. I feel like him and Claire should know each other, like maybe go out and get a drink together or something. 
  • Jessica and Luke working as a team. 
  • women can be abusers too, Trish's mom is a piece of work. 
  • Malcolm chooses not to leave, to reach out instead. God I hope he doesn't die. 
  • Jessica and Luke's fight is epic. Scary and horrible but still epic. 
  • Luke beating up the cops was particularly heartbreaking because Luke has been so careful for so long to keep a low profile. 
Final episode ::breathes::
  • And here's Claire, "You're not my first." So this takes place after Daredevil? Interesting, I would expect more crossover if this took place after Daredevil. At least on mention of Fisk or something.  
  • So Kilgrave can control people via video now, great. 
  • Claire once again forced to do complex medical shit in someone's crappy New York City apartment. 
  • Claire and Jessica exchange some witty banter and also Claire offers to call her "friend, who's like you." but Jessica turns it down, says she has to do it on her own. Which is fair, I guess. Next time maybe.
  •  Jessica to Luke's unconscious body, "you're the first person I could imagine a future with. But when you wake up I'm not going to be around to screw up your life anymore." Claire: we have power!" Jessica to Luke: "You're phone, I can use it to track him. You're unconscious and you're still helping me. I would have liked that future." aw! <3 that's the sweetest I think she can get.
  • Trish and Jessica, last women standing. 
  • Malcolm and Claire meet, bond over being that person in the life of a 'hero'. God, it's perfect, but like over drinks or dinner maybe.
  • Last woman standing, but Trish trusts her and that's how they get there, together.
  • "I love you." no! I am not crying!
  • and she kills him with her bare hands.  
  • Jeri, going to do her thing and be a shark, but for once she's not going to do it for herself. 
  • You can see the moment when Jessica wants to speak up, wants to say "it was me, I did this, in the end it was me, not him, me." But she doesn't for all the other people who didn't get to say that, and that's what makes Jessica a hero. 
  • Fuck this show, fuck it, all of it, and it's face. 
  • ugh!
  • yes, it was as good as I thought it would be. 
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