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 Disclaimer: this will be swearing and spoilers. This is not a coherent review but my reactions as they happen. 

  • Luke, oh God Luke, I just can't. I have all the feeling about Luke and his wife and Luke coming to Jessica for help
  • plus on the totally superficial level the man is hot as hell. I don't general like traditionally masculine men and I'm drooling every time he takes off his shirt, which is (spoilers) a lot. 
  • also Luke and Jessica fighting back to back is so hot
  • God these two break my heart, I get why she didn't tell him even though she should have but I also get why he walked away
  • Oh God Reuben, and your fucked up life. 
  • One of the horrible things about this whole scene is how Jessica and Malcolm become a little bit calmer when they realize Kilgrave did this. Not because it takes away the horror but because they are just both so used to living in the horror that is whatever Kilgrave decides to do with them. It's at least a known. 
  • I love Malcolm so much, so so much. "A beautiful funeral does not guarantee Heaven." Is the most touching thing you can say before you roll a body strapped to cement blocks into the river. 
  • as we learn how good a person Malcolm actually is and can be it makes what Kilgrave did to him even more senseless and cruel.
  • Obviously the focus on this show is on survivorship and being a survivor of trauma and/or abuse. Every single one of Kilgrave's victims deal with what was done to them in different ways, and often it's raw and it's ugly and the show doesn't shy away from that. It also doesn't pass judgement. Malcolm or Jessica aren't lesser people because they turned to alcohol or drugs during/after what happened to them at the hands of Kilgrave. Hope isn't a bad person for wanting an abortion after being raped, just like Jessica isn't for wanting to have sex again (even though Luke was a monumentally bad choice, since she wasn't being honest with him.) 
  • On a slightly lighter note Simpson is literally the bottom of the pack power wise and story importance and, maybe I'm petty, but it does give me a little kick to have the young, white, handsome, military trained dude be basically the least important character of all time.  
  • Meanwhile Kilgrave is basically the creepiest son of a bitch of all time. Just in case there was any doubt. 
  • basically only when Jessica becomes something that he wants is she "allowed" the "privilege" of consent. But like not even than because he's still holding lives over her head. 
  • she basically has it out with him. "What made it rape?" "the part where I didn't want to do any of it!" I'm glad that this conversation included more than the physical acts Jessica was forced to do but all of it. Because all of it was a violation and all of it was abuse without the presence of consent. Unfortunately I think that needs to be made very clear on shows like this. 
  •  We learn his tragic backstory, which is deeply horrifying no doubt about it. Much like what Fisk went through though it doesn't justify his actions even a little bit. 
  • the show specifically talks about redemption, about how Kilgrave can't be redeemed if he doesn't a) understand what's wrong with what he does and b) want to be redeemed. 


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