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Disclaimer: this will be swearing and spoilers. This is not a coherent review but my reactions as they happen. 

  • Holy Shit
  • I love the way the paces, music and camera angels work to convey Jessica's panic and PTSD, it feels real to me, she feels like a real survivor to me. 
  • I like how none of the women in this show are completely likable and they're all very flawed 
  • I like the mundaneness of a lot of it (liked that in Daredevil too) the everyday-ness, you don't get that in a lot of other superhero stuff. 
  • I think they taped a lot of this in Brooklyn (where they taped a lot of Daredevil) again to give the area that grunge feel 
  • I really wonder if this takes place before Daredevil, timeline wise, they haven't mentioned Fisk at all which makes me think it does. 
  • I like how angry Jessica gets how her decision at the end of episode 1 isn't motivated by even doing the right thing as much shear rage that Killgrave things he can get away with this again. 
  • I like that even though she's scared she still angry, and that's what drives her.
  • I LOVE Jeri lawyer character, I love everything about her, how cold and unlikable she is, how powerful. I'd be a little bit upset that she's the out queer character being portrayed like that if everyone wasn't portrayed like that on this show. She seems less fall into the whole lesbian as villain and more into the women as flawed human being camp. I want her and Marci to get together so bad now. 
  • Luke you guys! I love Luke sooo much <3
  • Jessica and him have lots and lots of angry, rough superhero sex and I love it. 
  • Evidently when Alias first came out there was a whole controversy around some scenes where Jessica and Luke had rough sex because people didn't like Luke as a black man dominating a white woman sexually even though she was clearly into it. Before the Netflix series came out people speculated back and forth over whether they'd keep that in and the answer is yes, fuck yes. 
  • There are obviously a lot of stuff about how people are controlled, by their fear, past, addiction, family, mental illness, guilt ... 
  • There is a lot of stuff about fear of the unknown, not knowing where or how Kilgrave will strike ramps up the tension and holds it for episodes at a time. That's when the show is at it's best I think. Jessica's anger propels her through that fear that could become paralyzing. 
  • victimization and survivorship is a big part of the show, their is just no way around it that was Jessica Jones' back story in the comics, that's the back story here. I think they do the best they can to keep it focus on the people not what was done to them, focus on how they deal with it and survivor in the trust sense. 
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