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 went and saw ant-man at a “midnight showing” last night for my brother’s birthday with some more of the sibs and his friends. 

It was a fun movie, I enjoyed watching it a lot. There were some genuinely funny moments. They changed canon in this movie probably more than any other, but realistically they had no other choice. The canon around ant-man had aged badly, to say the very least. In the end I was satisfied with what they did (except for the part about Janet.) The story telling scenes were awesome, I love the way they were done.

All this being said asked if Ant-Man was a necessary part of the MCU canon? I would say no, it wasn’t. The movie didn’t really add anything to the MCU mythos or world building. 

Major spoilers under the cut 

Obviously the movie sets up for Ant-Man and Wasp to become Avengers. This makes sense as they are both old school ‘classic’ Avengers characters. The thing is I don’t think Marvel needed the movie to introduce them. 

Marvel made Hawkeye and Black Widow Avengers without either of them having origin story movies. They could have done the same with Ant-Man and Wasp. 

Also why just Ant-Man? Why not make the movie about Ant-Man and Wasp equally? Why just hint at Wasp in the mid-credit scene?

It feels like Marvel is a little afraid to move forward. Up until now their movies have been unbelievable successes but they’ve all been Avengers movies or stand alone movies about classic male Avengers. Ant-Man is yet another movie that follows this pattern and making Wasp an equal part of that would be venturing away from what Marvel has already done with the Captain America and Iron Man movies. 

Daredevil has been the only thing Marvel produced not connect to the Avengers franchise and that did not give equal billing to a woman hero either. 

Watching Ant-Man if felt like Marvel was afraid to take the leap and do a movie about a non Avenger affiliated character or a movie with a female lead.  

The thing is they are going to have to take the jump Doctor Strange will be coming out, Jessica Jones is planned for early next year, and Captain Marvel has been announced. Marvel will have to move past relying on the success of movies featuring classic Avengers characters.  

Watching Ant-Man felt a little like the last hurrah of a very successful formal. Even though Civil War will actually be the movie that ties up this generation of Avengers and presumably clears the way for the next group. 

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