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A lot of people are suggesting Bucky put his arm in the clamp on purpose in order to try and rip the arm off.  It didn’t really seem that way to me though it seemed like his arm got put there probably during a fight. The only people that make sense is Hydra or Sam himself. 

This is the second time we’ve seen Bucky in street clothes so I think it’s fair to assume he’s on the run from Hydra. Which supports the idea that it was an attack from Hydra. 

Also my first assumption when watching the scene was that Sam had already been there for a while and Steve was just arriving. From other people’s comments though it seems to be more ambiguous about who got there first. Making it possibly less likely to have been Sam who stuffed Bucky’s arm in the clamp. 

Sam and Steve’s interaction was interesting too. It establishes the fact that Sam and Steve, particularly Steve, are isolating themselves and no longer trust the other Avengers. I am assuming that’s setting up for the rift that has to happen for Civil War and it’s an interesting spin on the Civil War storyline. 

The assumption has been that when Sam says “I know a guy” he’s referring to Ant Man. The thing is this only makes sense because it comes at the end of the Ant Man movie. In any other context Ant Man would not be the first person to spring to mind. So it it Ant Man? Does the line tie the Civil War teaser back to the movie? Or is Sam referring to someone else? 

My brother swears one of the people the reporter mentions to Sam at the end of the movies is Spiderman. While Luke Cage worked closely with both Sam and Steve in the original Civil War arc. It could even be Daredevil. Because even though Charlie Cox has said multiple times that he has no been invited to join Civil War he wouldn’t exactly tell us if he had given how secretive Marvel is.

I guess we’ll wait and see. 

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