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 Academics and revolutionaries Modern xmen/daredevil crossover AU where Columbia PhD student, specializing in disability studies, Charles Xavier teams up with second year law student Matt Murdock to tackle the issue of classroom accessibility. But also end up having very long conversations about how far the graduate parking lot is from the main building and how often in winter the sidewalks aren’t cleared. Or Professor Miller won’t allow his lectures to be recorded even though it’s first year tort law for God’s sake. 

Which is the start of an epic coffee and talking disability rights (bro)romance between them. 

Where cut off from his family for being FtM and queer, disability studies PhD student, pissed off activist Charles Xavier meets trauma studies/Jewish studies PhD student, asexual, mentally ill vet and equally pissed off active Erik Lehnsherr. They are introduced by Charles partner in crime disability activism asexual second year law student Matt Murdock and his gender nonconforming nonbinary (possible life partner) Foggy Nelson. 

Foggy and Matt are in love and adorable while also kicking serious legal and activist ass. They are founders of an underground disability activism group, and also an GLBT law students group. 

Meanwhile Erik and Charles want to claw each other’s faces off for the first year they know each other. With epic debates that makes most people in their general vicinity fear someone will end up in jail at the end, but never goes further than words. All Raven has to do is say “Lehnsherr” and Charles all slamming books around the office getting his ranty face on. While Emma swears if anyone so much as mentions the name Xavier you can hear Erik grinding his teeth across campus. Yet they are the ultimate power couple when it comes activism using a combination of publicity guerrilla tactics and working within the system. So everyone just puts up with them being stupid around each other. 

Although Raven has some pretty epic stories by the end of the year. Marci’s all like “honey, boys are gross. Do yourself a favor and stick with women and feminine nonbinary people, here let me buy you a drink.” 

 but also architect, part time clothing designer, Raven with Vitiligo disease and trans woman Marci being friends (with benefits) going upstate to drink wine, talk about beautiful people and beautiful clothes. End up having really detailed conversations about city code at like 2:00 am in the morning, sitting in their hotel room, falling for each other. 

Marci terrorizing misogynist assholes in bars or clubs while Raven laughs. Then they both sashay out of that joint to have amazing sex and plot world domination together. 

Marci prefers not the label herself but is pretty much exclusively attracted to women and trans feminine people. But she and Raven had been pretty exclusive for a long time even before they admitted to being together and started officially dating. Both have agreed they’d be okay with having an open relationship but it’s just not what they want for right now. 

Matt is solidly asexual, bi romantic. Although he doesn’t really sweat the details of the romance part so much since Foggy is a gender that won’t be nailed down (in their own, all be it drunken, words) AMAB but pretty feminine, and happy like that. Matt’s pretty much crazy about them. Not that the two of them are together per say. Matt definitely also has feelings for Charles of the romantic kind, which he feels guilty about sometimes. Most of the time though he’s just really thankful to have so many people in his life that he gets to love. 

 Foggy and Erik debating Jewish scholarship and practice and how that applies to the GLBTQA community. They might have different opinions but they just respect each other so much, it’s all good. 

Matt is all like “Foggy’s so smart and amazing.” Charles would rather die then admit that he’s really interested in the points Erik is making, and deep, deep down he thinks Erik is seriously amazing when he gets all passionate about something. 

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